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Most visitors to Malta will spend some of their time sightseeing, but too often a rushed agenda, being one of a crowd, and a lack of personal attention, means many do not find it an enjoyable experience.

Just as you are unique, so is each of our tours. They were designed to be highly flexible, enabling us to incorporate your requests and individual needs, and to allow for a more relaxed pace. All drivers speak fluent English and Italian (besides Maltese), and delight in presenting the sights and stories of their homeland in their own unique way. If you prefer, a registered guide can be provided who speaks the language of your choice, for an additional fee (minimum 4 hours).

To ensure your comfort, travel by chauffeur-driven Mercedes or larger groups may prefer our modern luxury Mercedes Vito. We never work on commission, so you can be sure that the only reason we suggest visiting a place is purely because of its merits. Our sole aim is to help you to gain the maximum benefit from your experience, plus the maximum enjoyment from your visit.

Malta Tour Ideas

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The following tour ideas (except for Gozo) take approximately 4 hours, but are designed so that any two can easily be combined to make up a full-day tour (approx. 8 hours ).

Tours of Gozo

Just 6km off the Maltese coast, Gozo is the smaller, greener, quieter version of it's sister island, claimed to be the island of Calypso.

Rising from sheer rocky cliffs overlooking the capital Victoria, lies the Citadella, whose fortifications once sheltered the entire population from attacks by Turks and pirates. Here you will also find Gozo cathedral, which features an amazing trompe-l'oeil dome - due to lack of funds for a real one when the cathedral was built.

See the Blue Window and the Inland Sea before visiting the sanctuary of Ta' Pinu, the scene of many 'miraculous' cures, Ta' Kola windmill, and the Ggantija temples - which legend says was built by a female giant.

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Northern Malta Tour

Though not as rich in cultural sites as the rest of the island, the North more than makes up for it scenically, and is definitely worth visiting if only for the photo opportunities.

Along the coast you pass many of the forts that made up a chain across Malta and her sister islands to warn of impending attack, Salina - where there are vast salt-pans, roman baths sitting high up on a hill, St Paul's island and Ghajn Rasul - the Apostle's Fountain - where St. Paul is said to have been washed up after being shipwrecked.

Nearly all the sandy beaches that are to be found on Malta are in the north. Ghadira, the largest, creates a breathtaking vista when seen from Mellieha village above.

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Tours of Rabat & Central Malta

Visit Mosta Church, famous for having one of the largest unsupported domes in Europe, before travelling through the countryside to the often neglected town of Rabat.

This suburb of Mdina is brimming with interesting features, such as a Roman House containing the remains of Greek, Carthagian and Roman Tombs and some wonderful mosaics, several sets of catacombs, and the grotto where St. Paul is said to have sheltered and which is said to have 'miraculous' powers.

An excellent full-day tour can be made by combining this tour with a trip to the old capital - Mdina - also known as the Silent City.

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Sightseeing in Valletta & Mdina

The capital city, Valletta, and the old capital, Mdina, are for the main part pedestrianised, and therefore not open to motorised vehicles. For this reason, and also because we feel that both cities deserve an unrestricted amount of time to be fully explored and appreciated, we do not specifically include them in any of the tours.

Both cities are compact and can be easily explored on foot, and we are more than happy to transport clients to these places so they can explore by themselves. A map showing the places of interest can be provided, along with a printed guide for a walk-about tour.

Those requiring in-depth historical information are recommended to request a registered city guide at the time of booking (minimum 4 hours).

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The 3 Cities Tour

Across the harbour from Valletta lie the misleadingly named "three cities" of Bormla, L'isla and Birgu, where the Knights of St John made their first home in Malta.

Amongst many other remains of their legacy you can see the first 'auberges' where they lived, the impressive forts and fortifications they built, the much-photographed 'gardjola', the site of the island's first parish church, the Maritime Museum - housed in the old bakery, and also the 'Palazzo del Sant' Ufficio' - the original law courts of the knights which later became the headquarters of the notorious Inquistion.

An excellent full-day tour can be made by combining this tour with a trip to the nearby capital city, Valletta.

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Mnajdra Temples & SW Malta

Passing through the citrus groves of the beautiful Girgenti valley, you come to the area known as 'Clapham Junction'. Named after a busy train station in England, the prehistoric ruts that criss-cross this rocky plateau have puzzled archeologists for years - the favourite theory that they formed some kind of transport system doesn't explain why they lead off the edge of the cliffs!

Close by see the sleepy village of Siggiewi, with it's maze of old winding streets and it's baroque church - the prototype design for Mdina Cathedral.

Nearby are Hagar Qim and Mnajdra, two megalithic temple complexes which date back to before the Great Pyramids of Egypt or Stonehenge in England. Not far below is Wied iz-Zurrieq where one can catch a boat out to see the aquamarine waters of the Blue Grotto.

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The Hypogeum & Southern Malta

Explore the Hypogeum*, a fantastic labyrinthine complex of underground burial and temple chambers accidentally discovered by drain diggers, and the nearby temple ruins of Tarxien, whose monoliths were uncovered by a farmer ploughing his field!

Discover the delights of Zejtun, a town of considerable history with punic remains, Roman structures and famous churches, before taking in the sights of the SE coast,including the quaint fishing village of Marsaxlokk, probably the most photographic (and photographed!) place in Malta, and Ghar Dalam - 'Cave of Darkness'.

* The Hypogeum has recently re-opened after extensive restoration. To prevent further damage to the site, there is a restriction on the number of daily visitors, so booking well in advance is essential.

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In Malta I Want to See...Ummm

Customized itineraries are for people who have a special interest or a free spirit, and allow you to visit only the places that are of personal interest to you. Whether you have a craving for churches or a hatred of history, with a personalized tour you can spend your time where you want, seeing only what you really want to see.

Take one of the Tour Ideas and adapt or add to it as you please, or put together a completely new itinerary.

Often there are places that people have been told about in passing but they can't remember the name or exact details. Just let us know when you book your tour and we'll be glad to take you there or try to find out more for you.
After all - it's our business to know where we're going.

More Places to See in Malta


Every Sunday morning at the pretty fishing village of Marsaxlokk, a large market is held which stretches from one end of the bay to the other.

Almost anything imaginable can be bought here, but it's almost worth a trip just to see the rows of brightly coloured fish, and live octopi trying to escape from their containers and back to the sea.

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Crafts Village

This former WWII aerodrome is now home to the islands' largest crafts village.

Here one can see such the production of popular Maltese handicrafts such as filigree work, lace and hand-blown glass, and is a good place to pick up a few souvenirs.

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Village Festa

See colourful parades accompanied by brass bands and fireworks. On the final day, a life-size statue of the patron saint is carried from the church and through the village streets, accompanied by uproarious cheers and applause.

Summer only.

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Dingli Cliffs

Dingli Cliffs, apart from being the highest point on the islands, can also boast of having some of the best sunsets, looking out to the tiny islet of Filfla.

In the past, farmers used to let themselves down on ropes to cultivate tiny terraced fields on the slopes below.

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Fort Rinella

At Rinella experience living history as volunteers dressed as late 19th century Victorian soldiers take visitors on an animated tour around the fort, including the famous 100-ton gun.

This tour combines excellent guiding with live historical re-enactments to provide you with an enjoyable and memorable visit.

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Horse Racing

Horse racing is high on the list of spectator sports, with Sunday meets at the Marsa Racecourse between October and May.

There are usually eight or nine races, most of these being trotting events with the occasional flat race.

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Ghar Il-Kbir

Ghar il-Kbir (the Great Cave) was a cave settlement and home to a community of Maltese Troglodytes.

Ghar il-Kbir and the 8 smaller caves attached to it still bear the signs of the 'cavemen' that inhabited them until at least the early 19th century.

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Animal Park

The LWS animal park offers an educational and fun filled day. Rabbits, emus, deer ,llama and monkeys are only a few of the animals one may see.

There is also a train winding round the animal park, a go-karts track, and horses and ponies which children can ride.

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Chinese Gardens

The Chinese Garden of Serenity (Ġnien is-Serenità) in the village of Santa Lucija in Malta, is an elegant classical garden with exquisite pavilions, corridors, fountains and ponds, and a welcome reprieve on hot summer days. .

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Knights Spectacular

This two-hour musical epic centres on the Great Siege in 1565, when an Ottoman armada of 40,000 men was defeated by Malta’s vastly outnumbered knights.

Featuring a talented cast, trained horses, spectacular costumes and an original musical score – the show includes everything from live battles, to dance routines, to a thrilling love story.

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Casino Night

The Maltese love to gamble, whether it's on a horse or with a lottery ticket.

Ideal for those people looking for an elegant evening out and some instant entertainment, there are four casinos on Malta with all the standard table games like black jack, roulette and poker.

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Classic cars

The “Classic Car Collection” is the island’s first public automobile museum.

It is privately owned by an avid car enthusiast and is a 'living' museum which is constantly updated due to new acquisitions.

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Aviation museum

The Malta Aviation Museum focuses on the aviation history of Malta, mainly during WWII and the time afterwards. Not only an exhibition of aircraft, the museum has a strong restoration program, gradually salvaging World War aircraft wrecks from the sea around Malta which are restored and added to the other exhibits.

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Air Show

Malta’s International Air Show has not only established itself as one of the most followed in the region, but it has also become a major tourist attraction on the island, with an ever-increasing number of participants providing a wider viewing choice every year.

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War Museum

Housed within the walls of historic Fort St. Elmo, the museum contains an ever-increasing collection of war relics including Malta’s historic Gladiator aircraft, baptized “Faith”, the George Cross awarded to the island for bravery by King George VI in World War II, as well as various weapons, uniforms and service vehicles.

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Limestone Heritage

A living museum, here you can discover how Malta's most important resource has played such a large part in shaping the islands from prehistoric times to modern day with a unique exploration through this converted limestone quarry.

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